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Information on becoming a Vernon Legion member

Membership has its benefits! Join the Legion and access great savings and deals through the Legion’s Member Benefits Package. During our fund raising efforts, all proceeds go to help various fund raising events and charities in our area.

The Royal Canadian Legion’s mission is to serve Veterans, which includes serving military and RCMP members and their families, to promote Remembrance and to serve our communities and our Country. Legion membership is open to any Canadian citizen or citizen of an Allied nation who is 18 years of age or older.

Cadets play a vital role in supporting Legion activities and promoting Remembrance. The Legion is proud to support Canada's Cadets and recognizes their service by offering all graduating Cadets a one-year free membership in the Legion, including a subscription to Legion Magazine and access to the Member Benefit programs.

Being a Legion member is a great way to improve the lives of those who served, remember the Fallen and support your community — and every member makes a difference. To get more involved with Legion activities in your community and to add your voice to our advocacy efforts and the future of the Legion, apply through the Graduating Cadet application form and bring your membership card to any Legion Branch to request a transfer to that Branch.

Membership in the Legion’s Dominion Command Branch is $49.99* per calendar year, commencing January 1.
If purchasing a membership between July 1 and August 30, the membership fee is pro-rated 25.00*
If purchasing a membership between September 1 and December 31, the membership fee is pro-rated to 16.66*
*Pro-rated fees are for new members only. All prices in Canadian currency.

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